05 May 20160- PNW Migration Update

We’re in between weather systems and the winds are light but out of the north.  Obviously it put a bit of a damper on northbound flight as the migration last night was moderate at best.

Western Kingbird, Cassin’s Vireo, Hermit and Yellow Warblers, and Lazuli Bunting – first reports from the general Metro area.

18 April 2016 – PNW Migration Update

It’s been a non-stop bird fest throughout the weekend.  We’ve had heavy migration with more new arrivals being reported in the Region: Vaux’s Swift, Nashville Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler, Western Tanager — all come to mind and i’m probably forgetting a few.

Notable departures: Sandhill Cranes are WAY down on Sauvie Island, it’s hard to come by any more than a few straggling ducks except residents and Green-winged Teal.  I haven’t seen a Pintail in a week or so.  Junco’s are back up in the hills and Varied Thrush have disappeared as well.

Full regional coverage today.  The weekend looked about the same.

28 March 2016 – PNW Migration Updare

As a high pressure ridge builds in the gulf of Alaska north winds are found across the region.  That put a damper on an otherwise decent night for migration.

We saw a very light movement last night.  but since i last checked in a number of migrants have made their way into the Pacific Flyway pipeline: Yellow Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, and Brewer’s Sparrow.


HERE is a great article by Kenn Kaufman on obligate migrants and facultative migrants that may be of interest to folks.  It is focused on his patch back in Ohio but it pertains to all migrants, even those that use the Pacific Flyway.