05 October 2017 – PNW Migration Update

RTX is still down.

Long-billed Dowitchers and American Pipits are being reported in movement type numbers.  Same with Turkey Vultures.

The Seattle Radar shows moderate to heavy migration in places.  Most noticeably along the Strait,


10 March 2017 – PNW Migration Update

Well,  The birds have been picking their way north for a few weeks now, but because of the nearly constant rain it has been damned hard to pick them out of the radar noise.  Even the HC was not reliably designating biological returns.

Last night however, once the rain moved through, we got a decent migration signature.  On today’s loop, wait for the rain to pass and you will see the flight — up into the 20 dBZ range.

Tree and Violet-green Swallows as well as Turkey Vultures have made it to the Portland area.  Even Barn Swallows are being reported in Clallam County in Washington.  Western Kingbirds are in the Central Valley in California as well.  Waterfowl numbers are down a bit too.

01 March 2016 PNW Migration Update

Not much happening last night.  Very low level returns after the rain cleared – probably just re-positioning geese.

However, if the rain stays away there are some serious southerly winds coming on shore that many early migrants will be taking advantage of — possibly even during the day.

Rufous Hummingbirds and Turkey Vultures are becoming more regularly reported.  I saw three TUVU this weekend and FOY RUHU was at my feeder yesterday.

Winds at 850mb.

Winds at 850mb.