08 May 2018 – PNW Migration Update

HERE is last night’s radar loop.  It’s pretty solid.

Well, i thought i would be seeing reports of new arrivals en masse.  But no; however i did scrounge up an eBird report for Bullock’s Oriole.  I can’t remember if that’s a first for the metro area, but i think it is.  Update: Lazuli Buntings now being reported in the Metro Area

Swainson’s Thrush are thick in the Central Valley now and a few reports of vanguard birds along the southern coast of Oregon.  Maybe today?  I listened for their nocturnal flight calls for 15 minutes this early, pre-dawn morning but didn’t detect any.

Administrative note:

I’ve started working on the next blog “birds over portland – 3”.  But they have changed the interface and it is turning out to be a challenge.  I worked on it for a few hours last night and didn’t get very far.  I’m not sure i will be able to get it off the ground this season but i’ll keep plugging away at it.



04 May 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Decent movement through the night in the Metro area, but much more subdued along the coast and the Puget Sound,; so i’m not including those today.

No news on any new arrivals that i saw.  We’re still debating the Hermit/Swainson’s issue.  Of the arrivals already mentioned; many are increasing in numbers, so they’re solid.

Nationally: a weird weather pattern shut down the Central Flyway but allowed migrants into southern Texas — maybe a classic Fallout situation.  The Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways were active though.  Not MEGA but still a lot of movement.

02 May 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Western Wood Pewees and Bullock’s Orioles are now being reported in Oregon.  San Diego has it’s first report of Swainson’s Thrush.  No reports of Willow Flycatcher yet.

As a guide to spring migration phenology I have a page in the top banner with a calendar. And at the bottom of that page is a link to a very good narrative written by David Irons.  HERE is a direct link to his work, and it is really worth the time.

Pretty solid movement across the region last night.  The high pressure ridge is weakening and winds, while not favorable were very light.  The Atlantic Flyway was really lit up last night, probably it’s best this season.   Well, all Flyways were very active, the Atlantic just stood out to me. Lots in the gallery today.


23 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

House Wrens, Western Tanagers, Brown-headed Cowbirds, American Biterns, scads of shorebirds (usual migrants), more Nashville and Black-throated Gray Warblers, Gray Flycatchers (east side).  It get to be hard to catch up, oh and another Hermit/Swainson’s Thrush debate.

Pretty decent movement last night.  Again, not “Green Doughnut” great but widespread at 20 dBZ+.

18 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

There was decent movement across the region with a traceable pulse up the Willamette Valley.  The coast had a nice movement of birds as well.

Outside of an early movement of Greater White-fronted Geese, no new news about recent arrivals outside of the perennial Swainson’s/Hermit Thrush debate. NO Swainson’s Thrush before May without incontrovertible documentation!


01 September 2017 – PNW Migration Update

RTX is still off-line.  We’ll use ATX again today.

Looks like a slight up-tick in activity last night, but that may be just birders flocking to the MEGA rarity that showed up yesterday.

Either way, the returns are a bit brighter showing more density.  For the last couple of nights i have been hearing the nocturnal flight calls of Swainson’s Thrush as they pass overhead.

08 May 2017 – PNW Migration Update

RTX is back on line!  Whew; that can take over a week sometimes.  Came back on line late Friday.

Migration is entering it’s peak phase.  Most, but not all vanguards have arrived and are being followed by the trailing hoards.

Wilson’s Warblers were over the top conspicuous when i was in the field Saturday.  A few more reports of Swainson’s Thrush and i definitely heard my first Western Wood Pewee on Sunday and a handful of other reports are up on eBird.  Lazuli Buntings are filling in.  Bullock’s Orioles have made it to the Seattle area. No sign of Willow Flycatchers yet.

The Atlantic Flyway was the only flyway that was underwhelming in regard to it’s capacity.  The rest look to be at full tilt.

I threw in the Seattle (ATX) loop today for good measure: