07 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Well here we are again!

So, vanguard Turkey Vultures and Ospreys have been reported in the valley.

Rufus Hummingbirds along the south coast in Coos County.

Tree and Violet Green Swallows are just showing up throughout the area.

Robins are singing pre-dawn and Starlings are foreshadowing the arrival of Western Wood Pewees by imitating them.

Down in Anza-Borrego, “The Borrego Valley Hawkwatch has begun. So far over 150 Swainson’s Hawks have migrated through the region”

And this morning i heard Greater White-fronted Geese headed north overhead.


05 April 2017 – Migration Update

Some early, but light, rain dampened  the exodus.  However, the urge north is upon us.

It’s the departure of the winter residents more than the spring arrivals that marks this time of year.  Wintering sparrows and raptors are thinning out.  That said, I was in Klamath Falls this weekend and the transition highlights were:  dancing Grebes, Swainson’s and Ferruginous Hawks, Eared Grebes in breeding plumage, Prairie Falcons making a nest, and singing Canyon Wrens.

21 February 2017 – (PNW) Migration Update

… (PNW) in parentheses because we can’t see squat on the radar through the heavy cloud cover.

But, birds are moving north and HERE is a great example from the Anzo Borrego.

Update: it occurred to me that you might need to subscribe to the San Diego Region Birding list; not something everybody might want to do.  So HERE is a direct link to the video.

18 March 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Well, it would appear waterfowl are on the move.

Looking at last night’s radar we can see low level migration but with 20+ dBZ patches coming from the Counties of Benton/Polk/Marion and Multnomah/Clark (WA).  Which are home to Finley/Basket Slough/Ankeney (FBA) NWR, and Sauvie Island WMA/Ridgefield NWR.  Note how the birds that take off from FBA split.  Some head to the coast and some head up the valley.  Curious.  There is also a slug of migrants heading up the western slopes of the Cascades.  Again, curious.

It’s a very interesting radar image today, but exactly what is going on is all speculation.  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at Paul’s national radar composite.

In the Region: Rufus Humming Birds are now being reported and a Loggerhead Shrike was reported on the east side of the Cascades.

South: Swainson’s Hawks have made it to the Central Valley and a Bullock’s Oriole has also been reported there.


17 March 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Well, after a week of rain we finally got a clear night.  Birds took flight but in very moderate numbers.  There were a few patches where the density reached the 20 dBZ level but not many.  It’s still early.

In the region: first Violet-green Swallows, Turkey Vultures are increasing, Black-bellied Plovers have been seen and the first reports of returning Osprey.

In the San Diego area the Swainson’s Hawks are staging in Anzo Borego, and the first Pacific Slope Flycatchers are being reported.

Barn Swallows have made it to the Central Valley.