23 August 2016 – PNW Migration Update

West flanks of the Cascades had another nice flight last night.  Additionally the Metro area had moderate movement as well.  Probably Ridgefield, Sauvie Island, and the Vancouver-Smith-Bybee lake complex.


04 March 2016 – PNW Migration Update

A very interesting night.  We had some decent southerly winds aloft and only isolated cells of disturbance.

There was widespread low level migration across the region.  There were also two interesting heavy returns past the 20 dBZ level.  The first arising from the Sauvie Island/Ridgefield area.  OK, those are waterfowl.

But the second is that same odd return originating from Linn and Marion Counties east of I5 and heading straight for Mt. Hood.  We saw this earlier this season.  I pulled up the HC loop and we can see a DS (Dry Snow) return with the same time stamp and trajectory.  So i am really not sure what is going on here.

Anyway, nice to have some clear air and see our feathered friends heading north.  First Ospreys are being reported in the metro region.

Speaking of friends,  David Irons just started a blog which you can find HERE.  David is one of the best birders on the planet and i am looking forward to seeing what he does with this.  And David, if you come across this post — get an RSS link so i can get your posts to show up in my reader; much easier for me to follow along without having to check in every now and then.

Here is today’s gallery:

29 October 2015 – PNW Migration Update

Well, it’s been a pretty low key couple of days.  The winds have shifted to more westerly but there are few birds on the move up here in the upper left corner.  I’m sure there are more waterfowl on the way but probably not going to be showing up in big waves.

Nice picture nationally; check the wind map, check the National Composite — winds out of the north; birds out of the north.  Central and Mississippi Flyways are still rocking it.

And … the Swans are back; someone reported them at Ridgefield a couple of days ago.  That signals the close of the season.  I may post a couple more times depending on events.  But if i don’t get around to it — all things tracking,  i’ll be back in the spring.

Here it is, your moment of zen.