03 May 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Another solid night of migration across the region.

I’ll leave out the National scene but it was rocking in the Southern portions of the Central and Mississippi Flyways.  Buoyed by some sincerely favorable winds.

Elegant Terns have shown up along the Central Coast along with the first report of an Olive-sided Flycatcher.



05 May 2017 – PDX Migration Update

Message Date:  May 05 2017 05:02:56

KRTX Doppler Radar serving SW Washington and NW Oregon continues to be unavailab
le. Some data was recently received and transmitted but was deemed to be unrelia
ble. Further updates will be sent as information becomes available. /JBonk

So there’s that: not great timing from my perspective.  So i went north and grabbed the Gray’s Harbor (LGX) loop for today’s gallery at the end of the post.

First reports of Lazuli Bunting are in on the valley floor as well as Hermit Warblers and Swainson’s Thrush in the coastal foothills.  Another Olive-sided Flycatcher. Increasing reports of Yellow-headed Blackbirds.


26 April 2017 — PNW Rain Report

It’s going to continue to be VERY rainy.  All kinds of known records are being broken from San Fransisco to Vancouver BC, and it is not going to let up anytime soon.  Cliff Mass deserves a permanent link and i’ll get around to it.  In the mean time, go ahead and check out his weather blog.

I have no idea how the birds are picking their way north but they continue to slog their way through the dreary.  Some reports of early Western Wood Pewee and Olive-sided Flycatcher and one “dubious” report of a singing Swainson’s Thrush.

There are no regional radar loops worth looking at over the last couple of days, so i am going to save disk space.

Oh, hey Wedgwood – throw me a life preserver if you have one to spare.

29 April 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Last night was another night of moderate migration, just like yesterday.  A high pressure system is pushing in from the south and the winds at the head of the ridge are out of the west.  Crosswinds are not too much of a problem but certainly no incentive.

Heard around the listserves, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Hammond’s Flycatcher, Dusky Flycatcher, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Western Tanager, Bullock’s Oriole; all being reported in the region.  Even a Lazuli Bunting report.

HERE’S a great read on PNW migration.  Put into perspective with migrations in other N American Regions, by luminary David Irons.

One of the things he brings up is a pet peeve of mine; the use of the term “fallout” in the Pacific Northwest.  There is no such thing here.  There may be a temporary bunching up of migrants in certain weather conditions where you might get to see 50 Yellow-rumps instead of 25.  That, folks is not a “fallout”  THIS is a “fallout”.

I miss John Stewart, sorry Trevor, you don’t cut it.  So, “Here it is, your moment of zen:”