15 September 2017 – PNW Migration Update

Another solid night of migration with returns into the 20+ dBZ range.  More noticeable migrants pile out of the Nisqually Basin and into the Vancouver Basin.

Reports of more Cackling Geese, first Hermit Thrushes on the valley floor, Fox and Golden Crowned Sparrows as well.  We are well into the season and trips into the field this weekend should yield plenty of FOS birds.  The Chapman School Vaux’s Swifts are still piling into the chimney by the thousands each night.

Barn Swallows continue to roost and fly-out at dawn along the Willamette River in Yamhill County.  The evening roost flight was particularly dense last night.


13 October 2015 – PNW Migration Update

Another night of heavy, but not widespread, migration across the Pacific Northwest.

The RTX loop shows the continuing pattern of migration concentrated along the Cascades.  Also note the late night, south bound flight out of Nisqually.

The ATX loop shows a heavy and sustained flight across the Straight and onto the Olympic Peninsula.  And another late night flight originating off the southern Sound around Olympia.