25 May 2016 – Migration Update

Migration continues in spite of my absence – i’ve been out birding far afield.

Nighthawks have arrived in Oregon – i saw one two days ago in Diamond and a couple of the members in my party saw a couple more around Malheur NWR. This kind of ends the arrival notifications but birds are still on the move as they settle in and look for summer nesting locations.

Malheur NWR Headquarters is still shut down as well as the access to Benson Boat Landing.  Labor Day migrant birders will have to do with the CPR and surrounding environs. Good news is that the refuge staff have let the Blitzen waters flow.  A couple of weeks ago the river bed was bone dry at the bridge next to headquarters.  This weekend the river was filling the channel and many fields and canals have water in the northern part of the refuge.  Hit me up if you want a scouting report from the past couple of weeks at Malheur.

This will be the last post of the spring — see you in the fall!

Here it is, your moment of zen:

17 May 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Well, the Willow Flycatcher is now being reported across the Metro area.  Just getting back i have not checked the listserves but i think all of the neotropical migrants have arrived.  Common Nighthawk being the exception; it has not yet been reported in Oregon.  They have been spotted in isolated sightings in California a few times.

Last night, in spite of a mild head wind, migration through the Metro area was on the heavy side — not so much along the coast.  The winds might have been a bit more intense.