29 March 2017 – PNW Migration Update

Update?  What update? Not happening here.

Let’s look at something more enticing: the night flight across the Florida Straits.


15 April 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Heavy rains, as the low pressure trough moved through, kept birds grounded for the most part.  There was light to moderate movement as it subsided – most likely the strong fliers like waterfowl.  The best movement was along the coast; probably because the rain moved past earlier in the day.  So, i put in the LGX (Gray’s Harbor) loop today.

The high pressure ridge is slipping to the south so we will probably get onshore easterly winds instead of the northerly winds predicted yesterday.  It should still be nice weather to get out birding this weekend.

On the national level; except for the SE where there is some weather, the board was lit up from the Atlantic to the Great Plains.  Check out the wind map and you can see why.  Just for fun we’ll watch the birds cross the Straits of Florida today – Key West is in the gallery.