03 May 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Another solid night of migration across the region.

I’ll leave out the National scene but it was rocking in the Southern portions of the Central and Mississippi Flyways.  Buoyed by some sincerely favorable winds.

Elegant Terns have shown up along the Central Coast along with the first report of an Olive-sided Flycatcher.



02 May 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Western Wood Pewees and Bullock’s Orioles are now being reported in Oregon.  San Diego has it’s first report of Swainson’s Thrush.  No reports of Willow Flycatcher yet.

As a guide to spring migration phenology I have a page in the top banner with a calendar. And at the bottom of that page is a link to a very good narrative written by David Irons.  HERE is a direct link to his work, and it is really worth the time.

Pretty solid movement across the region last night.  The high pressure ridge is weakening and winds, while not favorable were very light.  The Atlantic Flyway was really lit up last night, probably it’s best this season.   Well, all Flyways were very active, the Atlantic just stood out to me. Lots in the gallery today.


19 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Pretty nice conditions but a rather muted night for this time of year.  We had patches up into the 20+ dBZ levels most notable up around Nisqually  NWR.  The coast was much more active with pretty solid 20+ dBZ returns.

New migrants in the area: Grasshopper and Chipping Sparrows.

18 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

There was decent movement across the region with a traceable pulse up the Willamette Valley.  The coast had a nice movement of birds as well.

Outside of an early movement of Greater White-fronted Geese, no new news about recent arrivals outside of the perennial Swainson’s/Hermit Thrush debate. NO Swainson’s Thrush before May without incontrovertible documentation!


10 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

A bit late today, sorry about that, but life, you know….

Ok, we still have favorable winds and through most of the night no rain. So birds were on the move!  Up to the 20+ dBZ level all along the I5 corridor and along the coast.

Black-throated Gray and Orange-crowned Warblers, Common Yellowthoat, Purple Martin, Cliff Swallow — all increasing in numbers in the Metro Area.  Waterfowl numbers are dwindling (but not gone yet!)

San Diego got it’s first reported Lazuli Bunting and Warbling Vireos are increasing in numbers.

Don’t you just love this time of year!

09 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Things are heating up!

All manner of shorebirds are moving through the metro area – Dunlin, Yellowlegs, Black-bellied Plovers and Red-necked Phalaropes.  (I didn’t go out into the field this weekend — it was the Masters and i haven’t missed that for over 50 years.  Freddy Couples still shooting birdies!)

The Flycatchers are in San Diego; Pacific Slope and Hammond’s – no Willows yet (they’re last)

With favorable winds we had really solid movement up the valley and along the coast last night, not so much in the Puget Sound trough, so i’ll leave that out.

06 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Common Yellowthroat, MacGillivray’s Warbler and more Bullock’s Orioles in the San Diego area.

Cassin’s Vireos and Wilson’s Warblers have made it to Oregon.

Lots of rain in last night’s radar and not much detectable movement, so we’ll check in on the National migration. (Remember you can always go to Paul’s site to get the loop)

The heavy weather system has moved on and birds are moving through the Ohio Valley and up the Central Flyway.