20 april 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Pretty decent movement up the valley last night.  Not “Green Doughnut”, but close.

Nationally the Central Flyway was the hot spot.  Looking at the wind map you can see why.


06 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Common Yellowthroat, MacGillivray’s Warbler and more Bullock’s Orioles in the San Diego area.

Cassin’s Vireos and Wilson’s Warblers have made it to Oregon.

Lots of rain in last night’s radar and not much detectable movement, so we’ll check in on the National migration. (Remember you can always go to Paul’s site to get the loop)

The heavy weather system has moved on and birds are moving through the Ohio Valley and up the Central Flyway.

04 April 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Purple Martin have made it to the Metro Area.  As well some shorebird movement with Black-bellied Plovers and Lesser Yellowlegs being reported.

Black-headed Grosbeak, Wilson’s and Nashville Warblers now being reported in San Diego area — they’re on their way!

Messy radar images from last night due to cloud cover and patches of rain, so we’ll check in on the National Scene.

A large storm system from Texas to New England restricted migration to the SE much like the last time we checked in on the 27th.  Note the lift off from Cuba as birds cross the Straits to the Keys.

28 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Cliff Swallows have made it to Oregon, but not much else.

A decent movement up the valley was noticeable last night, and that was into the wind. So, the urge is building.  Since we’re not getting reports of spring migrants these probably continue to be waterfowl re-positioning and staging for the push north.

I looked at the Seattle radar (ATX) and there wasn’t any noticeable movement.

Update:  Cool composite radar from last night! Note the bloom in Southern Georgia (Moody AFB, GA (KVAX)) and how the weather band puts the birds down.


01 November 2017 – PNW Migration Update

The Pacific Flyway continues to have very light migration, it is just a trickle down the Central Flyway, the Mississippi Flyway had some serious weather, but the Atlantic Flyway is still rocking.

04 October 2017 – PNW Migration Update

NOUS66 KPQR 040345
Message Date: Oct 04 2017 05:28:01

As of 0525 UTC Wednesday, October 4, 2017, KRTX radar continues to experience si
gnificant technical issues which prevent the reliable operation of the radar.

And so it continues … bummer.

So, up in Seattle there was a light to moderate migration signature.  Nationally a squall line from New Mexico to Michigan held up some birds; most pronounced in the norther sections.

27 September 2017 – PNW Migration Update

NOUS66 KPQR 251949
Message Date: Sep 25 2017 20:26:11



Well, that explains the wonkiness.  I still haven’t caught up on migration news on the listservs but i would expect the duck and geese numbers to be up.  It is also the height of the diver migration, loons, grebes and diving ducks, in the High Cascades so a trip to Timothy Lake may be in order this weekend.

Without RTX on line we’ll take a look to the north at ATX and it was a wild night.  Heavy migration across the whole region.

Nationally, all flyways were packed with birds especially the Mississippi.