30 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

I’m not seeing any neo-tropical migrant news except maybe a Western Kingbird in the Central Valley (CA).

But birds are on the move, not “Green Doughnut” type, but a decent movement up the valley reaching 20 dBZ in patches.  Also a pretty steady flow up the I5 corridor in Washington.  Probably re-positioning from Ridgefield to Nisqually,


29 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Radar returns were sub 10 dBZ last night so we will save disc space and not post a loop today.

News of new migrants: Black-throated Gray Warbler in Eugene and Purple Martin along the Columbia River.

28 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Cliff Swallows have made it to Oregon, but not much else.

A decent movement up the valley was noticeable last night, and that was into the wind. So, the urge is building.  Since we’re not getting reports of spring migrants these probably continue to be waterfowl re-positioning and staging for the push north.

I looked at the Seattle radar (ATX) and there wasn’t any noticeable movement.

Update:  Cool composite radar from last night! Note the bloom in Southern Georgia (Moody AFB, GA (KVAX)) and how the weather band puts the birds down.


22 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

No news for new arrivals along the Pacific Flyway.

Way too much cloud cover and rain to pick anything up on the radar last night.

Carry on.


Update:  birds are moving up the Central Flyway however:

20 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

I’m not picking up any information of new arrivals in the Metro Area.

Birds are on the move, but at low levels.  I continue to believe this is waterfowl movement.

South of us in Encinitas Wilson’s Warbler and Black-headed Grosbeak have been reported.

Here is last night’s radar:

19 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

There is continued light movement up the valley. Probably waterfowl re-positioning.

There has been really nothing to report in the new arrivals, but on the “it’s just around the corner” front:

Increasing: Rufous Hummingbirds, Turkey Vultures and Ospreys, Tree and Violet-green Swallows.

Bushtit flocks are breaking up and singlets and doubles are now being seen.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets can now be heard singing.  This is a special time as they will soon be gone and their’s is one of the most glorious songs.

Waterfowl numbers are shrinking as well.

We’ll save some disk space and not post a radar loop today — it’s just sub 10 dBZ blue.

12 March 2018 – PNW Migration Update

Rufous Hummingbirds have made it to the Portland area.

Bullock’s Orioles are in Merced Co. in the Central Valley.

Lots of birds are on the move; most likely waterfowl beginning to head north.