23 August 2017 – PNW Migration Update

We’re moving deeper into the migrant season but it still seems quiet in the field.  I have missed the last couple of weekends so i am anxiously counting the days until the next.  The listserves aren’t lit up with arrivals either.

Anyway, birds are on the move; locally and nationally where conditions are favorable:

18 August 2017 – PNW Migration Update

Steady but light migration continues.

Shorebird migration is apparent but sightings are dictated by water levels.  We may have even passed the peak according to some observations and comments — seems pretty early to me.  But then; the first reports of Greater White-fronted Geese are in and they’re a couple of weeks early.

Today’s gallery:

The wind map is from a different perspective — more northerly.  That’s where the birds are coming from for the most part and it shows why competitive listers head to the Aleutians and Western Alaska this time of the year hoping for some Siberian to be blown off course.

15 August 2017 – PNW Migration Update

With a high pressure system out in the Pacific we have some gentle northerly winds.  These will begin to pick up as the system moves ashore later in the week.

All good news for southbound migrants as the season gets underway.  Take a look:

09 August 2017 – PNW Migration Update

If you have been out in the field or read any of the regional listservs then you are aware that the shorebirds have been moving through for a few weeks now; since late July.  Seems early to me but i am getting old and forget stuff.

This post is just a teaser really because i am going off grid for a week or so but i thought i would get the fall inaugural post up; if for no other reason than to incite some to go find a patch of mud and locate that Asian stint.

Anyway, movement is detectable but still pretty low density as can be seen in last nights radar: