29 August 2016 -PNW Migration Update

We have a low pressure system sliding down out of the Gulf of Alaska and on it’s leading edge are southerly winds.  Its still early so they are not real strong but certainly a deterrent to any birds that are satisfied with their current situation.

That said, there was a moderate flight last night that was fairly wide spread from the Cascades over to the Coast Range.  A nice concentration in the Ridgefield – Sauvie Island region.


23 August 2016 – PNW Migration Update

West flanks of the Cascades had another nice flight last night.  Additionally the Metro area had moderate movement as well.  Probably Ridgefield, Sauvie Island, and the Vancouver-Smith-Bybee lake complex.

22 August 2016 – PNW Migration Update

It’s still early but some birds are on the move.  Read a report of Greater White-fronted Geese vanguards in the air moving south along the coast.  The Portland radar has the largest movement along the west flanks of the Cascades.  High mountain lakes could have some early divers moving through.

16 August 2016 – PNW Migration Update

There are birds on the move but we’re not at peak densities yet; it’s still early.  In the Gray’s Harbor radar you can see a small, short but intense return on the south shore; so maybe the shorebirds are getting antsy as they begin to stage for a push south.

Note the Winds of the Earth screen shot.  The winds are favorably out of the north; yet the density of flight remains modest at best.  A good sign that earnest migration has yet to begin.

08 august 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Minimal movement last night in the Metro Area.  The onshore flow might have been a deterrent.  There was a nice flight across the Strait again so birds are on the move – just not widespread yet.

One extreme migration event took place in the Nashville area last night where the returns were pushing 35 dBZ!

I did see the first Green-winged Teal of the season this weekend.  The males are still in eclipse plumage so this is an early group.

05 August 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Well now, things are picking up. We’re getting some solid flights that i would categorize as moderate.  Plenty of green (around 20dBz) but not widespread.  Lots of movement on the perimeter of the Puget Sound, a nice wave of migrants across the Strait, and the west flanks of the Cascades.

The local breeders have dispersed and territorial songs have subsided.  Kind of the dog days so it will be good to see if i can kick up some early arrivals this weekend up in the Cascades.

03 August 2016 – PNW Migration Update

Flights continue to be widespread over the region but at very low levels: